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Data-CATâ„¢ Percentage Recording Form Set
These professionally designed forms include various percentage recording forms paired with different elements such as multiple percentages, frequency, prompts, time and duration. They are ideal for recording data for many different skills such as percentage correct / prompts provided and percentage correct / time required. The form with five- percentage graphs is frequently used by teachers for recording learning center activities IEP goals, benchmarks or objectives are easily established and monitored through use of these professionally designed forms which are available for the following percentage types:
Percentage, Five Percentage Graphs, Percentage/Frequency 0-10, Percentage /Frequency 10-0, Percentage/Frequency 0-20, Percentage/Frequency 20-0, Percentage/Frequency 0-40, Percentage/Frequency 40-0, Percentage/Time 0-10, Percentage/Time 10-0, Percentage/Time 0-20, Percentage/Time 20-0, Percentage/Time 0-40, Percentage/Time

Use Data-CAT to Collect, Analyze and Target instruction for more rapid mastery.